Grandchildren are the Best

Last weekend I got to work with my son’s two boys. The younger had just turned one year, so we were doing his one year portrait in the series of three. We did the 4 month, then six month (first time sitting up)

Mom had found a really cute hat for the boys to wear. Something about a hat, just produces attitude. Little boys do not always like wearing them, as you can see.

Children on location at the Scottsdale Civic Center


Portraits of the grandkids from Tucson.

I was able to do portraits of my grandkids. It is a real joy to work with these guys. I love them all dearly, and even when they act up and frustrate me, they are still the cutest little guys ever to me.


Meet Sam.

Just turned five. He never does anything the way anyone else does it. If you tell him to run over there, he always adds a flair and a whole new path to it

“Tigger” (Gary)

Meet Tigger.

(Gary) He is a six year old. Just started first grade in Tucson.

Reagan age two

Meet Reagan.

A little 2 year old who never stops. This is one little guy who thinks everything in life is funny.


Meet the newest, Reed.

He was born on August 16th. He is growing like crazy. His mom and dad are quite tall, so I wonder how tall he will be. Right now he does pretty well to sleep and eat all day and night.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Hi Rick, they are completely adorable and it I love how you photos are not just photos representing how they look, but also capturing their personalities.

    FYI: I have heard that if you take a child’s height at 2 and double it you will have roughly how tall they will be as an adult. Now I don’t know if that is on their second birthday or at the end of their second year 🙂 but at least it is a ball park 🙂

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