I get to photograph the amazing world of children.

The things that make the child special all happen at your home. The toys, the familiar play areas. All these are your child’s familiar environment. This is where the best portraits are created.

Black and white portrait on location

This was done in the boy's living room

I have been working exclusively on location with children since I left my studio location at the start of 2007. Before that I had a studio location at Thunderbird and Scottsdale Roads for 25 years.

The best part now is that mom does not have to pack the kids, belt them in the car seats, and head off for a 30 minute drive to the studio.

Now the kids are as fresh as can be, sometimes having just gotten up from their morning nap.

Two boys on location at their home

I was able to get big brother into the pose

In this case, I was able to get the older brother to participate in an image. He might not have been along if we were at the studio.


Here is the older brother in an earlier session. We worked in the front and back yards. My favorite spot in the backyard was his giant sandbox.

I got down in the sand to be at his eye level to capture his world.

A boy's own backyard

This little guy and I had the best time at the park. He loves life, and everything around it.

We had an absolute BALL doing these.