Business Publicities

A picture is worth a thousand words!

What does your business publicity picture say about YOU?

Who do you approach in a crowd?

The one who smiles, and looks confident. It is like a road sign.

Who do people like to do business with?

Someone who looks like they know what they are talking about. Someone who sincerely wants to help you. Someone who looks the part.

Why choose a professional photographer?

Well, to use a baseball analogy, a professional ball player connects with the ball, and bats it out of the park. A professional photographer knows how to get the expression and get it on film.

The camera is a tool in the hands of the professional photographer. It is the like a paintbrush in the hand of an oil painter. The years and years of practice, instruction and work has made one painter better than another. There aren’t any shortcuts. A brush in Rembrandt’s hand will produce highly different results than the identical one in the hand of a two year old.

When photographing people, timing is something that comes with, years of practice. Like a professional baseball player at bat, he has practiced the timing so he can hit the ball at the exact instant it flies by at 90 miles per hour. In portrait photography, you need to get the expression exactly when it is real. You will not hear the words; “say cheese” here. This NEVER gets the real expression you want to show the world. Why would you settle for a “cheese” based portrait?

You are a professional, you need a professional portrait. Your image says a boat load about you. People will judge you
within three seconds of looking at you.  You need to convey a warm, inviting smile and a sincere, confident look in those three seconds. Even in the largest companies, business is still done by people with people.   Your photo puts a face on your business and personalizes your brand like nothing else can. Pictures of your products, or beautiful landscapes, will never be as powerful as a picture of you.

You could be losing potential customers right now and not even know it.

Sure you don’t have an unlimited budget—-but what does it really cost you if you don’t absolutely love the images? You can always do them over or get a refund, but what is your time worth? Would you like to get it done and get it right the first time? Do you really want to be forced to pick a less that desirable pose just to “get it done?”

Who could better tell you what to expect than our clients?

This is a Before and After Image of a man.

The previous image

The previous image

Image done by Rick Mueller

Image done by Rick Mueller

He operates a market research company in San Francisco, California. He also has his profile on Linked In. Here are his comments:

The experience with Rick is the best I’ve had using a professional photographer.  Bringing his studio to your location is a significant convenience.  In addition to obvious benefits, your location allows flexibility in wardrobe and other unique props that might not be available in a traditional studio.  The quality of the photography is first class.  And Rick has an engaging personality that brings the subject out of their nervousness to portray a natural demeanor for the photo. I highly recommend Rick for both personal and professional photography.

Business Portrait of Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant

Just a short note to say thank you for the photography service. I just got the bill and I must say you do give great value for the cost. I could not have been more pleased with the results. Additionally, having this done in my office on my schedule was a tremendous benefit to me and made the entire process painless. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.  Michael Bryant-President-Panoramix Services LLC

Business Publicity Portrait of woman on location

Heidi Osselaer

Received the CD yesterday.  Thanks for the great photo.  The gal at Sharlot Hall Museum who is handling the publicity for next weekend’s event said, “Wow what a great photo,” and when I posted it on my Facebook page this morning I received lots of comments like “beautiful” and “gorgeous.”  My husband said I look like I had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery–a compliment to you, but clearly an insult for me.  Whatever.  Thanks again, wonderful work, Heidi Osselaer